Reach out to your representatives today and ask them to co-sponsor these bills! 

HOMES and members have met with 19 of the 21 state reps and/or staff below during August Recess and continues to follow-up with their offices.  But we need your help!  Contact your state rep below - just click on their name to generate their contact email address and ask them to co-sponsor.  Remember to thank those who have signed on!

If your representative supported H.R. 4229 in 2017-2018, they may also support H.R. 2771!

 If your representative signed the NIV letter - they will want to support 
H.R. 4945

H.R. 2771 | HME/Oxygen Relief Legislation
 H.R. 2771 Co-Sponsor List

 H.R. 2293 and S. 1223 | Protecting Access to Wheelchairs Act of 2019
  H.R. 2293 Co-Sponsor List

H.R. 4945 | The SMART Act: Legislation that would exempt Non-Invasive Ventilators (NIV) from CB for 5 years  
 H.R. 4945 Co-Sponsor List

Representative Signed HR 2771
Signed HR 2293
Wheelchairs Act
Signed HR 4945
John Larson (CT)   Sponsor Signed!
Joseph Courtney (CT)      
Rosa DeLauro (CT)      
James Himes (CT)      
Jahana Hayes (CT)      
Chellie Pingree (ME) Signed!
Jared Golden (ME)     Signed NIV Letter
Richard Neal (MA)      
James McGovern (MA) Signed H.R. 4229 Signed!
Lori Trahan (MA)      
Joe Kennedy, III (MA)   Signed!
 Katherine Clark (MA)      
 Seth Moulton (MA) Signed H.R. 4229
  Signed NIV Letter
 Ayanna Pressley (MA)      
 Stephen Lynch (MA)     Signed NIV Letter
 William Keating (MA) Signed H.R. 4229
 Chris Pappas (NH) Signed!  Signed!  Signed NIV Letter
 Ann Kuster (NH) Signed!
 David Cicilline (RI)      
 James Langevin (RI) Signed H.R. 4229
 Peter Welch (VT) Signed!
Signed!  Signed!

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