HOMES Association Bylaws Update:

On August 4, 2020, the HOMES Board of Directors approved an updated set of bylaws to be presented to membership for a vote.  Some of the updates were required to reflect the current practices and structure of the association and other updates were discussed and approved to strengthen the association. Below are some of the highlights of the updated information as well as complete versions of both the current bylaws and the proposed updated bylaws.

Please Cast Your Vote On The Proposed Bylaws Below

Summary of Changes

Business Address Update: On August 4th the Board of Directors also voted to permanently close the HOMES office at 515 Kempton St in New Bedford MA. HOMES staff will now operate remotely on a permanent basis. Our new business address is located in the Cummings Center at 400 TradeCenter, Suite 5900, Woburn, MA 01801. This is a "Virtual" office space which means it will be used for our association filings as our permanent business address and the association will pay for space on an as needed basis for meetings or other occasions which will require physical office or boardroom space.

Membership: The current bylaws have 3 classes of members. Regular, Associate & Honorary. The proposed bylaws will create a 4th level known as "Friend of HOMES". This category of membership shall be designated by the acting board of directors to serve and advise in a board capacity but will not hold any voting rights.

The proposed bylaws also remove the restriction which denies associate level members voting rights on both the board and member level. This change is consistent with the practice of most other state associations in the country.

Meetings: The proposed bylaws remove language specifying when the annual meeting will be held and allows the board to designate the time and place. Given the current PHE this flexibility was thought to be needed.

Member Quorum: The amount of members required to constitute a quorum was changed to the lower of 25 members or 10% of the total membership

Executive Officers: The proposed bylaws remove the current position of secretary and replace it with the position of Compliance Officer" who shall serve retain board secretary responsibilities but will also serve as the acting officer to report to or investigate any incidents or breaches pertaining to the code of ethics or other legal or moral standards designated by the association. 

The proposed by-laws also define the role of Chief Executive Officer & President which is not addressed in the current bylaws.

Best Interest: The bylaws at times call for action in the "Best Interest" of the association (example: removal of officers). The proposed bylaws clarifies the definition of Best Interest to be a two thirds majority vote of the voting members of the association. 

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