Frequently Asked Questions:

     1) Can my non-HME friends participate? Absolutely, this event is intended t get as many people as possible up and moving so anyone              who wants to participate is welcome.

      2) What Team do I join? You can join any team you want. The teams were created to award “the prize” of hosting the 2022 HOMES                    Annual Conference. So essentially you should join the team in where you would like to see the meeting hosted. Also, the HOMES                    Team miles / contributions will not count towards any of the sate totals so if you just want to support the association and don’t have an              opinion which state wins then you should join Team HOMES.

      3) What activities qualify for the HOMES Move-A-Thon? The events committee has decided that whatever your chosen activity is it                counts. As long as your moving, putting in the miles and have some way of tracking the mileage you can count it. Some examples of                 activities may include:

                         Walking / Jogging / Running



                         Rowing / Kayaking / Canoeing

           A general rule of thumb is if its not motorized it counts. Motorized assistance is of course allowed for any participants requiring                         adaptive assistance equipment.

      4) So wait no motors? Does that mean my treadmill / stationary bike / rowing machine will count? The Events Committee has                  decided that these types of indoor activities will count for the MOVE-A-THON.

      5) What will the funds raised be used for? The money raised will be used to help fund the association mission. Specific initiatives in                 2021 / 2022 will include an increased focus on state level advocacy & lobbying efforts as well as an increased investment in member               networking events.

      6) How do I share my personal fundraising page with friends & family? Login to your personal fundraiser page and click on the                   Sharing icons to share directly to Facebook, Twitter or get a link to share on other platforms or email / text directly.

      7) How do I log my miles? Login to your personal fundraiser page and click on the 3 dots on the top right hand corner. Then click on

          Enter Activity Results. Then click Enter Miles.

         8) Do my miles need to be verified? The Move-A-Thon is on the honor system. We trust you to track and report your miles as                            accurately as possible. You do not need to submit any proof of miles completed.

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